Own a piece of fitness equipment that you will use for YEARS to come.


Imagine gliding your way to a fitter, slimmer body, lower blood pressure and a higher metabolism on an incredibly fun machine that turns heads wherever you go. Rowbike is an exercise bike that provides a total body workout with the speed and excitement of a bicycle, inline skates or downhill skis. It's a land based rowing machine that will take you where you want to go.

The 720 Crew 2.0 RowBike utilizes the revolutionary NuVinci N360 internal gear hub which gives you continuous, infinite gearing within range. Disc brakes - both front and rear - provide the best in stopping power. The 20" quick release alloy wheels and 20" x 1.75" 100 PSI treaded tires offer low rolling resistance and great stability.


This innovative model is ideal for rowers that are between 5'2" and 6'4". The infinite speed NuVInci N360 offers the rider the ability to vary the intensity of the workout and conquer hills.

  • 7005 heat treated aluminum frame
  • 20" wheels, 1.35" 100 PSI treaded tires
  • NuVinci N360 Internal Gear Hub
  • 26" Power Lever
  • Disc Brakes
  • Color: Frame is Yellow and Power Lever is Blue

Nuvinci Hub

Amazing Benefits

  • You'll be burning approximately fifty percent more calories than ordinary exercise bikes.
  • Delivers twice the cardio benefits of fitness bikes -- in less than half the time!
  • Provides a low impact cardio exercise (ideal for runners with knee injuries)
  • Total body conditioning including an outstanding abdominal workout and a full body stretch.
  • Burn more calories per hour than jogging but without the stress on your hips, joints, knees and back.
  • You'll be riding outdoors and having fun!


Rowing is the ultimate exercise.

Here's how many calories a normal person burns in 20 minutes of rowing.

            • Rowing...     400
            • Swimming... 250
            • Jogging...    200
            • Tennis...      200
            • Cycling...     100
            • Golf...          100
            • Bowling...      80
              Source: Ohio State University