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Cross Training

 More Americans are looking at alternative ways to stay fit which is why Yoga and Pilates have become the current fitness trend. While these alternatives provide some physical benefits they don't provide much cardio or deliver a full body workout which is essential for cross-training, losing weight and staying fit.

Imagine yourself arriving at your local health club after waiting in traffic only to find you will now have to wait for a machine. As you are awaiting your turn you notice how the rowing machines are never being used and wonder why? Many don't know it but rowing is the most efficient workout available. Rowing uses 84% of your muscles, delivers a natural full body motion, and doesn't strain muscles or jar joints which means it is kind to the body. Rowing can improve your posture, build stamina and recruits more muscle use compared to other machines.

Why rowing is the best:

It delivers more fitness for time spent in terms of energy and expenditure. You burn more calories in rowing than any other activity, including swimming, cross country skiing comes the closest. At sub maximal levels of exercising, rowing will burn calories at a rate 12 percent higher than running and 20 percent higher than cycling. Examine the muscle fibers of a serious rower, cyclist and cross country skier, you find them mostly slow and oxidative, except those found in rowers. Rowing motion is unique. As a rower you develop more power in your muscle fibers! The fibers actually get larger. Consider rowing as a great weight training activity or supplement to your cross training regimen.

Whether you are a fitness guru or couch potato the Rowbike will revolutionize the way you think of fitness. On the road of life there are two paths ... see what you've been missing and take the rowed less traveled!

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