Photo Gallery: Rowbikers Getting Fit

Photo Gallery: Rowbikers Getting Fit

Sabine in ParisGuillaume in Paris

Michelle achieved astonishing results in a short time, cross-training on her Rowbike.

Jim commutes with his Rowbike.

Jaye says her Rowbike is a 'Fitness Machine' and she's got a 'Healthy Addiction' to it.

Geir, a Norwegian Rowbike, says "This is my dream and means of transportation!"

Ten-year Rowbike owner Zach "Sweet Rower" Laputz ... from Bicycling Capitol Davis, CA ... has the whole family staying fit with Rowbike.

It's the perfect cross-trainer for Rowling.

Jerome gets an outdoor workout for his entire body.

Ryan says his Rowbike is a 'Fitness Machine on Wheels'.

Alan happily announces "Bye bye, back pain!"

Steve has a great time on his Rowbike even after two knee replacements.

Ed lost weight and has improved his health!

Joel has strengthened his upper and lower body with his Rowbike.

Dan used his Rowbike to help him recover from a spinal cord injury — now he rides over 50 miles a week.

Dan commutes over 20 miles a day on his Rowbike.

The Rowbike has changed Bobby's life.

George built his endurance with his Rowbike and now rows and average of 20 miles a day.

Dave uses the Rowbike to keep himself healthy — now he says he's addicted to riding it.

Wayne and David really know how to keep fit while enjoying the great outdoors — on their Rowbikes!