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Stress Reduction

Eric's Story: Allows Me to Unwind While Taking A Spin Around the Lake

Eric Haugen, of Haugen Law Firm located in Minneapolis, says, "One of the best things about the Rowbike for me, is being able to come home from a crazy day at the office and take a spin around the lakes with my tunes cranked on the headphones," says customer and avid rowler Eric Haugen. "It allows me to unwind by pumping out all the steam I have built up all day and I have a blast doing it," says Haugen. Eric is just one of many who makes time everyday to relieve stress by getting out, getting fit and having a blast on his Rowbike. "Rowling together through the heart of Minneapolis is a wonderful experience for both of us." Eric admits he wasn't aware of the benefits of rowing before owning the machine but was amazed at how quickly the results came. Rowbike is different than other fitness machines because it provides both an efficient and exciting workout.

Eric Haugen