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Scott Olson - inventor of Rowbike
  • Total Body Fitness

  • Zero Impact

  • Strength + Cardio Workout

  • Outdoor/Indoor Exercise

Only Rowbike works 95% of your body

Rowbike users get amazing results and have fun doing it !

Craig L

"I have a very physically demanding job.  Rowbike keeps me in shape and builds my stamina"

Mimi S

"Finally I can get both strength and cardio exercise at the same time"

Key Features:
Individually Hand Crafted
Power Arm Bar (patented)
Infinite Gears with Nuvinvi Hub
Disc Brakes

Michelle J

"I love the benefit of being able to exercise indoors or outdoors with one machine !"

Dave G

" Rowbike gave me a new lease on life.I lost 90 pounds and got my bloodpressure under control"

Rowbike is a patented fitness machine that incorporates body fitness and including both strength training and cardiovascular exercise.

Experts on the science behind Rowbike

Rowing has been shown to be among the most demanding of fitness activities.  A study by the University of Texas showed that rowing is better than running, cycling and cross-country skiing for improving cardiovascular fitness.

Other clinical studies have proven that rowing will boost calorie burning and improve cardio fitness better than any other fitness activity.

Dale H

Personal Fitness Trainer

I have trained for years in competitive rowing.  I am currently training to row the Atlantic, the world's toughest row.  Only Rowbike has been able to keep me in top condition for this ultimate challenge.

Mike M

University Professor

Coach of Rice University Rowing Team

Rowbike vs the Competition

Better, more effective exercise than cycling,stationary rowing, or elliptigo


30 DAY


Get ON Rowbike

Get OFF Ordinary !


Strength + Cardio !


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