We believe that everyone can be fit. We believe that getting there, maintaining and improving must be fun. We believe that having fun outdoors keeps us motivated. We believe that Rowbike is the best outdoor fitness experience available today. Our unique cutting edge Rowbike technology was created by Scott Olson - the inventor of RollerBlades and champion of outdoor fun and fitness. We formed our new company, RowBike, Inc.,  and began building and marketing the awesome Crew 2.0 in 2015. Scott's ingenuity and perseverance created a completely new sport with the ultimate, fun outdoor fitness machine. As Lee Iacocca (former CEO of Chrysler) would say - If you can find a better product - buy it. But we know that nothing comes close to the results you get from the total body fitness experience of the Rowbike.

We distribute Rowbike products worldwide.  We are excited to provide the world our cutting edge fitness machine and a new and exciting sport - THE ULTIMATE FITNESS MACHINE - ROWBIKE.


Scott Olson
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