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To book a class or for more information, 

please call Jacky on 123.456.7890

Alternatively you can fill out the following contact form and we will get straight back to you!


If you have a question, we have an answer. If you don't see an answer to your question here, call us at 651-ROW-3888 or email We will find an answer to your question.

Question: How is my Rowbike shipped?

Answer: Your Rowbike Crew 2.0 is usually shipped via FedEx Ground ™ and takes 4-5 business days for delivery. Your Crew 4.0 will usually be shipped via common carrier - R&L Carriers. May vary with International shipments.

Question: Does my Rowbike come assembled?

Answer: Some assembly is required for the Crew 2.0. There are 2 foot rests, the seat, and the handlebars that need to be put on the bike. It will take longer to unpack your new Rowbike than it will to assemble. Your new Crew 4.0 comes fully assembled on a pallet.

Question: How much does my Rowbike weigh?

Answer: Crew 2.0 weights approximately 48 pounds. Crew 4.0 about 68 pounds.

Question: Will it fit on a bike rack?

Answer: Your Rowbike will fit on most major brand bike racks.

Question: Does the Rowbike have a guarantee?

Answer: 10 years on the frame and power lever and 2 years on all the bike components. This guarantee does not cover damage.

Question: Do you have a return policy?

Answer: We have a 30-day return policy. The home trial period starts once you receive your Rowbike. If after trying it for 30 days you are not completely satisfied, return the Rowbike to us (must be undamaged and in resellable condition, shipped in its original shipping box and disassembled as it arrived to you) for a full refund of the purchase price. It’s that simple!

Question: I have a Rowbike made prior to 2015. Do you support my Rowbike?

Answer: Although we made Rowbikes only from 2015 and beyond, we will do our best to help you. We have been told that many of our available parts fit Rowbikes made before our time. If you order parts from us which do not fit your Rowbike. please return them, unaltered for a full refund. 

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