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Health Benefits

Find out why rowling — a low impact total body workout — is so effective and fun:

  1. 1.Riding through wind generates a natural high that indoor exercise machines can't match.

  2. 2. You'll be burning approximately fifty percent more calories than ordinary exercise bikes.

  3. 3. Delivers twice the cardio benefits of fitness bikes -- in less than half the time!

  4. 4. Provides a low impact cardio exercise (ideal for runners with knee injuries)

  5. 5. Total body conditioning including an outstanding abdominal workout and a full body stretch.

  6. 6. Burn more calories per hour as jogging but without the stress on your hips, joints, knees and back

Imagine gliding your way to a fitter, slimmer body, lower blood pressure and a higher metabolism. Rowbike is an exercise machine that provides a total body workout with speed and excitement. It's a rowing machine on wheels - The FUN Outdoor ERG.

For decades, physiologists from around the world have agreed that rowing is one of the top three exercises, along with cross-country skiing and swimming. Working out on Rowbike gives you fast results: stronger abs, back and core muscles. And rowling is virtually stress-free on the whole body.

Rowling is the most complete and efficient total body workout available, so fire up!  Thousands of fitness enthusiasts have chosen the Rowbike over home gyms, Bow Flex, Concept2 rowing machines, elliptical machines and treadmills. And every Rowbike is backed by a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee.

Great health to you!

Yours in sport,

Your Rowbike Team

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