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Gentle to the Body

Non-Load Bearing With No Impact


People come in all different shapes and sizes and what's great about the Rowbike is that the machine can accommodate just about anyone in more ways than one. Rowling is one of the few exercises that deliver an exhilarating workout without taking a physical toll on the body. The rowing motion is seamless and creates little to no impact. This is ideal for those who have joint problems, bad knees or other areas that cannot handle prolonged stress. In fact, the Rowbike is favored by our single leg amputee and senior citizens customers over any other fitness regimen or physical therapy routine recommended.

The Rowbike was built with our customers in mind. We have consistently made changes and improved the design of the Rowbike Crew 2.0 to make it adaptable for anyone 6'3 and under. Our sliding seat will adjust to each individual.

Whether you are young or old, in shape or a couch potato, an avid rower or a first timer the Rowbike is sure to get you going every time you take it out for a rowl. The Rowbike delivers an intense workout. And rowling is considered the closest thing to the perfect exercise. Being able to target specific muscle groups with no impact and the ability to be outside in the sunshine while doing it is nothing short of a miracle. But don't take our word for it ... try one out yourself. You have little to lose and everything to gain.

Injury Recovery and Therapy


Rowing has been used in facilities and rehabilitation centers worldwide to help patients build endurance and increase muscle and stamina. Because of its low impact and gentle nature, rowing provides an efficient exercise that is easier to adapt to than others.

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